Host Your Own Fundraiser

kale apples onions garlic and broccoli in box

What is The Güd Box?

The Güd Box is a way for your organization to raise funds while providing fresh, affordable, seasonal produce to your members. Your organization receives a portion of the proceeds from every box sold.

Boxes are delivered twice a month and contain an assortment of fresh fruit and vegetables based on seasonal availability.

potatoes and spaghetti squash in box

Getting Started

Leveraging our buying power, we source fresh, affordable, seasonal produce twice a month. We also build you a website where your members can sign up for The Güd Box online.

onions cauliflower garlic broccoli in box

Spreading the Word

Through your existing communication channels (and with our help), you spread the word to your members about the affordable, fresh produce available through your new Güd Box fundraising program.

lettuce apples ginger root and cauliflower in box

Time to Eat!

We deliver The Güd Boxes to your organization on Friday, Saturday, or Monday. You coordinate where and when your members pick up their boxes from you.

See How It Works

See how easy the experience is for your members by checking out our example site. When you fundraise with The Güd Box, you get your own branded site, making the experience painless for both your organization and your members.

See An Example Site
box with fresh fruit