Exciting Changes to The Güd Box

Exciting Changes to The Güd Box

Beginning May 16th, BIG changes are coming to The Güd Box!

See your organization page for more information on cut off dates before the switch over.

We are making these changes to make it more convenient for you to get your box when you want it and easier for the organization you support to raise funds.  We are passionate about getting fresh seasonal produce out to Edmontonians at a great price.


How will it be different?

  • There will no longer be pick-ups at a central location. For your convenience, all boxes will be delivered to your home or place of your choosing.
  • Delivery is next day, 7 days a week.  Our cut-off for next day delivery is 4 pm each day.
  • Delivery is free for the first month, after which it is $5.99
  • There is an option to purchase with a weekly or bi-weekly subscription, no more forgetting cut offs and missing the box! You will be charged for each individual box the day before you receive it and can cancel the subscription at any time.
  • There is an option to add items to your set box from a catalog of affordable produce. 
  • The site will look different! We'll have a different logo, but we are the same people, at the same place, working hard to get more fruits and vegetables out to Edmonton at a great price!


How will it be the same?

  • You'll still get the same amount of fresh, affordable mixture of staples and seasonal items for the same price: ($30)  Which is usually a 35% savings over the leading grocery store.
  • The proceeds still go back to the organization of your choice.
  • The box is still curated by The Güd Box to be the best deal of staples and seasonal items.  For affordability sake, the contents of the box can't be changed, but you now have the option to add items to your order from our grocery catalogue.


How will I order a box now?

  • After May 16th, go to www.thegudbox.ca/fundraising or follow the link for your community
  • The delivery date will show in the top left corner.
  • If you don't place your order before 4 pm then your order will be delivered in two days time. (If you order Monday at 5 PM, your order will be delivered Wednesday)
  • Choose the organization you would like to support from the drop down, then choose the number of boxes you would like.
  • Proceed with the checkout process, or add items from our grocery catalogue to round out your purchase.


How will delivery work?

  • You will receive messages on your choice of email or text confirming your order and delivery date.
  • Watch for a message from FreshPath on the day of delivery! That's the logistics side of our business. We will let you know your order is on the way and give an estimated time frame, and you'll also receive another message when your order is approximately a 30 minutes away.  


Where do we deliver?

  • We deliver in Edmonton, Sherwood Park and St. Albert
  • You can support the organization of your choice from anywhere in the city!