What is The Güd Box?

The Güd Box is a way for you to promote wellness within your organization by providing fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables to your employees and their families.  

Boxes are delivered twice a month and contain an assortment of fresh fruit and vegetables based on seasonal availability as well as some staples such as carrots, apples, potatoes and onions.

potatoes and spaghetti squash in box

As a Benefit

The Güd box is at minimum, 35% savings over the standard grocery store.  Partner with The Güd Box to provide the savings opportunity to your employees.

onions cauliflower garlic broccoli in box

As a Non-Monetary Reward

The Güd Box could be gifted to your employees as an incentive, reward or as a gesture during an event such as Nutrition Month.

lettuce apples ginger root and cauliflower in box

As a Social Club Fundraiser

A portion of the proceeds can be put towards team building activities or go towards programs by the social club in your organization.

We Handle it for You

If you choose to offer the program to your employees, we set up your own branded site where they can purchase the box.  No need to deal with money or tracking, all you need is a passionate volunteer willing to share information and hand out the boxes when they arrive.  If your company will be purchasing the boxes for employees, we have a dedicated coordinator to arrange the details.